Outdoor fitness equipment is a fun and flexible way to create fitness areas  in your Greater Vancouver or British Columbia community.  A dedicated fitness park will help every member of your community achieve his or her personal fitness goals. From childern to working parents to senior citizens, people of all ages can benefit from a training area.

Install your stations at regular intervals so users walk or jog between fitness activities to maintain an elevated heart rate throughout the training session. Consider a separate green space for stretching, group fitness and other activities like sports team training.


Meet ELEVATE®, ACTIVATE® and INVIGORATE®, Burke’s Outdoor Fitness Collections that combine physical fitness with time spent outdoors. The ELEVATE Fitness Course, ACTIVATE Fitness Circuit and INVIGORATE Dynamic Fitness products challenge your body in healthy ways and allow people with different fitness levels to work out in the same space as they advance their strength, agility and balance together.

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