Looking for engaging, inclusive, innovative, and environmentally conscious solutions that will stand the test of time from a company that truly cares about delighting customers and end users?

You’ve come to the right place.

At Suttle Recreation, PLAY is our passion. For over 28 years our customers have come to rely on our expertise, attention to detail, and tireless dedication to delivering outstanding playground, park, and urban environments that meet their unique needs.

If creativity, know-how, environmental stewardship, and peace of mind are important to you, that’s exactly what you’ll get from our team.

We have established ourselves as a preferred supplier to clients throughout British Columbia and the Yukon including schools, school districts, parks, municipalities, builders, contractors, urban planners and landscape architects to custom design and deliver quality solutions that are engaging and accessible to all intended users.

Our longstanding success working with hundreds of clients has been achieved by focusing on these 3 key areas:


We offer innovative, high quality products from a variety of industry leading suppliers to ensure maximum long-term enjoyment and peace of mind.


We are passionate about play and applying our wealth of knowledge and experience to co-create inclusive, stimulating play, park and urban environments that positively impact the people who use them and the communities they are located in.


Complimentary custom design, consultation, and educated recommendations are standard with every project to ensure it is tailor-made to meet your needs. We also offer fundraising ideas and research grant availability to help you maximize funding sources and find creative ways to make your project a reality sooner.

Contact Us to get the ball rolling, or to learn more about how what we do can lead to an outstanding result for you.