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The Me2 program was developed to serve as an educational resource for communities that are planning, creating, or revitalizing outdoor play environments. Inclusive playgrounds make a fundamental statement about how communities value meaningful play experiences for people of all ages and abilities. The 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design™ create universally designed play environments that increase the “playability” for people of diverse abilities, age, race, gender, ethnicity, culture, and socioeconomic status. Implementation of these best practice principles helps create a unique and meaningful play environment that is usable by more people, to the greatest extent possible.

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Play On!

Play On! was designed to help programmers and educators to use playground equipment to promote physical activity with a program designed to meet national standards for fitness. The program was developed in partnership with curriculum experts from the American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation, Play On! represents the most comprehensive array of fitness based playground activities for elementary-aged children available. Researchers from Western Michigan University conducted an objective analysis of the Play On! program to evaluate its role in getting kids moving and having fun! Research included pre and post intervention surveys and qualitative measurements from children, parents, and teachers. Over 6,000 children from 14 beta sites in 5 states participated in the research, administered by AAPAR.

Play On! Suttle Recreation - Vancouver BC

We incorporate all benefits of play from many different programs into our playgrounds, but please have a look at playgrounds we had approved by the Play On creators!