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We are proud to help our customers achieve the BC Tire Stewardship Grant, ask us about our many success stories.

Safety Surfacing Vancouver BC

Bonded Rubber

GTIMPAX Bonded Rubber is an attractive, seamless surface that uses clean, shredded rubber from recycled tires to create a useful and environmentally responsible safety surfacing. In many regions of Greater Vancouver and BC, bonded rubber provides a lower cost option than other seamless surfaces. It does not absorb water, and with proper drainage will not freeze. It’s a great option for paths and walkways.

Artificial Turf Playground - Suttle Recreation, Vancouver BC

Artificial Turf

GTIMPAX Synthetic Turf is an engineered grass product designed to bring the look of nature to your play environment. Unlike real grass, it offers height appropriate impact attenuation, while providing the appearance of a beautiful lawn. However, GT IMPAX Synthetic Turf never needs mowing.

Playground Poured in Place Safety Surfacing - Vancouver BC

Poured in Place Rubber

GTIMPAX Poured in Place Rubber is a great choice for as a safety surface for playgrounds that will get heavy use, when bright true colors are a priority, as the EPDM rubber material comes in a variety of vibrant colors. The product meets all applicable CSA standards, and it is easy to clean using a leaf blower to remove loose debris, and a mild soap solution for stains. Repair kits are available for small areas, ask about our maintenance program to maximize the life and performance of your surface.

Rubber Tiles Safety Surfacing - Suttle Recreation, Vancouver BC

Rubber Tiles

GTIMPAX Rubber tiles offer superior shock absorption, low maintenance, long wear and accessibility. They are also perfect for indoor applications, as there is no onsite mixing required. Order in one color, or in a variety to create simple designs.

Engineered Wood Playground Surfacing - Vancouver BC

Engineered Wood Fiber

GTIMPAX Engineered wood fiber is a popular choice as a safety surface in Greater Vancouver for budget conscious playgrounds. Engineered wood fiber will require on-going maintenance and occasional topping off during its lifetime. This maintenance will help to maintain the recommended compacted material depth, thus keeping the surface compliant with applicable standards and warranty. Wood fiber is non-toxic, and does not contain paint, chemicals, or additives. It contains minimal bark, and is free of twigs, leaf debris, and other organic material.

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