Tire Stewardship BC - Suttle Recreation, Vancouver BC

We are proud to help our customers achieve the BC Tire Stewardship Grant, ask us about our many success stories.

Eco-friendly tiles

Tiled surface is the perfect landscape on which to create a playspace that encourages kids of all abilities to keep moving and have fun! These Eco-friendly tiles are easy to install, simple to maintain and available in a beautiful palette of colors. Burke Tiles are extremely durable and wear-resistant and are designed to provide continual, dependable protection from serious injuries in the event of a fall and offer accessibility for all children to get into the heart of the play!

Artificial Turf

Rugged durability with remarkable softness and beauty that allows it to be used in both sports and playground areas! With the look and feel of fine blade fescue or blue grass lawn, it is a perfect complement to any playground area and helps keep children of all abilities moving! Below the playground surface you’ll find a soft infill that is completely anti-microbial, to provide a lasting, healthy play environment. A shock and drainage pad provides shock absorption and impact protection from falls – the most common source of serious playground injuries. Burke Turf conforms to the latest CPSC, ASTM, and ADAAG standards for impact attenuation and accessibility.

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