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Through outstanding design and innovative use of recycled materials, we create high quality site furnishing that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of all Urban Site environments. We manufacture benches, trash containers, bollards, bike racks, ash receptacles, cluster seating, planters, recycle units and signage we’re as dedicated to protecting the Environment as we are to improving your environment. By using many high-quality recycled materials, wood from managed forests, lead-free e-coating and solvent-free powdercoating, we produce distinctive site furniture – many recyclable themselves – that meet and exceed sustainability goals.

Picnic Tables - Suttle Recreation, Vancouver BC


Benches - Suttle Recreation, Vacouver BC


Garbage Recepticles - Suttle Recreation, Vancouver BC


Ballards - Suttle Recreation, Vancouver BC




Site Furnishings and More!

Suttle Recreation offers a number of outdoor products including playground equipment, safety surfacing and outdoor fitness equipment. To see all that we have to offer visit our products page.