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Through outstanding design and innovative use of recycled materials, we create high quality site furnishing that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of all Urban Site environments. We manufacture benches, trash containers, bollards, bike racks, ash receptacles, cluster seating, planters, recycle units and signage we’re as dedicated to protecting the Environment as we are to improving your environment. By using many high-quality recycled materials, wood from managed forests, lead-free e-coating and solvent-free powder coating, we produce distinctive site furniture – many recyclable themselves – that meet and exceed sustainability goals.

Rain, hail, UV radiation from the sunlight – the seasons affect outdoor furniture. The paint is gone all too soon, and the wood starts to split. You need to invest time and money in maintenance year after year in order to stop the decay.

Street furniture made of hanit® defies the weather. It is not affected by the cold and repels the rain, therefore it does not need to be mothballed in the winter. There is also no need to maintain it. Therefore, hanit® outdoor furniture also looks good in the balance sheets. Timeless aesthetics without extra cost.

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UltraSite™  has been manufacturing high-quality commercial grade outdoor recreation products including a variety of Site Furnishings, Park Amenities, Picnic Tables, Park Benches, Grills and Bleachers for over 15 years. Our signature UltraCoat thermo-plastic coating makes our products durable, comfortable, and low maintenance.

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Almost four decades ago site-related products bearing the TimberForm trade name were introduced to the design community. These original benches were made of large Douglas fir timbers. Columbia Cascade Company, makers of TimberForm, has expanded the product selection yearly until now it encompasses hundreds of different wood, metal and recycled plastic products for use on the site. In addition the company also produces a complete line of color-matched bicycle parking solutions, creative playground equipment and outdoor fitness systems.

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R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc. has been designing and manufacturing Pilot Rock® park equipment to be your best value in park, street, and campsite furnishings since 1959. We  celebrated our 60th anniversary in 2019. We’ve combined innovative design, top quality construction, and competitive prices into an unbeatable combination that the park user, the park manager, and the landscape designer will appreciate and enjoy. Our commercial duty equipment is designed to withstand both use and abuse by man and nature.

Pilot Rock® park, street, and campsite products have also been designed for safety, comfort, and convenience to make the outdoor experience more enjoyable for the facility manager and user.  All materials are treated or finished to provide easy maintenance and to resist the elements.

City planners and decision-makers are keen to leverage available public space and make each square, street and park contribute to the creation of a pleasant and convivial living environment for all.  Architects are creating ever more relevant public spaces, where nothing is left to chance.

Husson street furniture includes: benches, planters, bins, barriers and bollards, and much more. A complete high-quality street furniture collection to equip your public spaces and keep them clean and safe.

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